10 DIY SEO Tips for Family Law Firms

Promoting your family law firm can ensure that your website stays searchable and helps you attract more clients. 

One of the most reliable ways to promote and market your business is through SEO. With the right SEO strategies, you can rank your website higher in each person’s search results.  

We have listed 10 of the best SEO tips for family law firms. Scroll down to have a look. 

#1 Claim Your Google My Business Listing

You can take your business a long way with Google My Business. This tool allows you to improve your firm’s online presence, so it shows on the top of Google Search and Google Maps. 

This way, your potential clients can know more about your law firm. Clients can also quickly get your address, phone number, and read reviews. Simply put, you can add all the important information about your firm with a Google My Business Profile

After your listing is verified, you need to fill in your description, list working hours, add all the relevant information, add logos/photos and list your categories. 

You can also add keywords to optimize your law firm so clients can get a better understanding of your firm. 

#2 Optimize Your Website by Using Keywords and Phrases

After claiming your Google My Business listing, you can determine the keywords related to your family law firm. Specific keywords can help you attract qualified leads and better clients.

You must consider the kind of search you want clients to make to find your law firm’s website. Remember your main area of focus and then create specific keywords for different pages. 

#3 Make Use of Social Media Platforms

Create a strong social media presence to share content related to family law firms. You are likely to find your potential clients on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. 

Social media posts can improve your SEO ranking and visibility. Always post quality content for your clients so they understand what you are talking about and how you can help them. 

#4 Write Guest Blog Posts for Other Websites

You can also consider writing guest blog posts for other websites. Sharing your experience and areas of practice through other companies’ websites increases your visibility. 

It also helps you establish your law firm as an authority figure in the market. Not to mention, by writing guest blog posts, you can also build relationships with other people in your field and get connected to entirely new audiences. 

#5 Distribute Press Releases

Distributing press releases is one of the best SEO tips for family law firms. When you circulate information about milestones or newsworthy events, it helps you build credibility. 

Press releases are seen as a credible source of information. You can use this tip to get the positive word about your business. When positive information about your company gets published online on a large scale, it promotes your business.  

With thousands of searches per second, it makes sense to rank your company higher. Press releases also help you build media relationships and increase search engine traffic. 

#6 Invest in Online Advertising

Don’t forget to invest in online advertising to boost your website’s conversion, traffic, and clicks. 

Online advertising through Google AdWords even helps you measure your performance. Also, it lets you know the source of leads from your online media. 

In general, Google AdWords helps you know who clicked on your ad, the number of leads generated, which keywords generate more results, and more. 

#7 Customize Your Law Firm Site’s Appearance

You can improve your law firm’s website by including metadata, which includes data about your website. This information tells the search engine algorithms and users about your page. 

Metadata includes two main components, i.e., title tags and meta descriptions. The title tags tell users and search engine algorithms what exactly your page does. Likewise, meta descriptions tell what’s included on the page. 

#8 Scope Out Your Competition

After determining keywords for your law firm, scope out your competition. This step helps you to know your site’s rank compared to your competitors. 

Scoping out your competitors also gives you a better idea of who you are competing against. Compare your site with the ones on the top to understand what your website lacks. 

#9 Claim Online Directories

Although most people search on Google, setting up an online directory is still super helpful. That’s because directories like Yelp or Yellow Pages can sometimes come up on local search results. 

Try to cover a majority of local and legal directories to get the best results. Maintain a consistent email address, firm address, phone number, and other information across all the directories to avoid confusion. 

#10 Get Reviews

Getting reviews translates to how quickly people can find you online. If your site gets more reviews, it can rank higher online. Reviews are also one of the few things people look for while searching for law firms to determine their credibility. 

When getting reviews, avoid fake ones. Surely you can purchase reviews, but Google can easily distinguish between real and fake reviews. If you practice this technique, be ready to pay hefty penalties. 

Instead of purchasing fake reviews, you can ask for authentic reviews like a pro from your clients. Also, you must professionally respond to positive and negative reviews to show you care about your clients. 


With so many tools and strategies, finding the best ones can be difficult. But with the help of this guide, you can easily learn about the most useful SEO tips for family law firms.

You can also work with SEO professionals or a digital marketing agency to generate better results.

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