7 Tips For Your Law Firm Website

Are you looking to see better results from your law firm website? Perhaps you’re not getting the clicks and conversions you need? Well, here are seven tips from a lawyer web design team that looks over some of the most common mistakes and missed opportunities law firms make with their websites, and the quick fixes that can make for some dramatic improvements.

Don’t talk about yourself too much

When it comes to getting the client to rely on you for help, reminding them of your experience and expertise can help. However, it shouldn’t be the main point of your content. You want the content on the website to be aimed at and helpful to the client. Talk about their needs, offer them advice, and then naturally lead into how you can help (but don’t overegg it.)

Make sure your navigation makes sense

You want visitors on the website to easily find their way to the content and information that they need. For that reason, ensure that your sitemap makes sense. At the top of it all, you have the front page. The navigation bar should then split into important pages and larger sections, such as the About Us page, Contact Details, Case Studies, Areas of Practice, and the Blog. Then, each of those can either be an individual page or break off into subsections. For instance, Areas of Practice will break down into individual pages for each area you practice in. Try to make sure that every page you have on the website fits into this kind of pyramid sitemap design.

Utilize calls to action

The purpose of a call to action is clear enough from the name. It’s supposed to inspire your visitors to act. Whether that means clicking through to another page or picking up the phone and calling, you should always use the opportunity for a good call to action. Make sure calls to action are easy to follow and easy to see, highlighting them with a big button, for instance, or making them a larger and different colored font.

Keep brand colors consistent through the website

You may already have brand colors that you use regularly in advertising and any printed materials that your firm has. Use those brand colors on the website to help reinforce that brand image. More important, make sure the color scheme is consistent from page to page. It creates a sense of belonging and reliability. If your website greatly varies in its color scheme from page to page, it can be pretty disorienting. That’s not a feeling you want to evoke in people who could potentially become your clients.

Keep pages concise and tight

Sometimes, a topic requires a lot of information to delve into it. However, you should keep in mind that people coming to your site are often looking for answers to specific questions or a very particular kind of help. You want to keep your webpages and simple and tight as possible. Don’t overload them with images, videos, and multiple different text boxes in different places. Make it as easy for them to connect with the main point of the page.

Keep contact forms simple

Many law firm websites will make use of contact sites, that ask visitors to leave details so you can get in touch with them or sign them up to a mailing list. However, it has been shown that every additional question you have on a contact form reduces the chances that a visitor will go through with filling it in. For that reason, keep it as simple as possible, asking only for the information you need. In most cases, that will be a name, an email address, a phone number, and some space for an optional message.

Make sure that it’s mobile-friendly

This might be beyond the ability of those with a custom-designed website, but a lot of modern website builders have options to help optimize your website for mobile device users. As many as half of the people who look for law firm websites are looking on tablets and smartphones, so it’s essential that they’re able to access your website and use it without issue.

With the tips above, you can make a big change in how your website looks and feels. However, if you’re looking for a real transformation, it’s best to look for the help of a law firm web design team. Know what you’re trying to achieve with the website, and make sure you design aligns with those aims.

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