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Law Firm Website Design Inspiration should come from whatever will help to increase the number of clients for the firm, as well as whatever will position you as the experts in your preferred area of practice. That means that a lawyer’s website design should accurately reflect the core values of the firm, in addition to the expertise on staff. Your whole website should look highly professional and appealing to visitors.

Really good website design like this will help to add credibility to your firm, to generate trust in your potential clients, and it should even help to convert more website visitors into paying customers.

What makes a great lawyer website great?

First of all, an attractive design is necessary on every website whether it be a lawyer website or an e-commerce store, but for a lawyer website, the company brand should be depicted through its logo, as well as any specialized colors or fonts associated with the brand. You will most definitely want to have a fast-loading site so visitors won’t abandon you, the site should be responsive so it can be viewed on all devices, and navigation should be intuitive and simple.

One of the qualities which is specific to a lawyer website and should be designed in, is a list of services provided or a specialty area of practice. This will help visitors know right off the bat whether you can help them or not, and if you do provide the service they’re looking for, they’ll be more inclined to schedule an initial consultation.

You can showcase your knowledge, expertise, and experience by listing your professional achievements and publications, and this will also go a long way toward establishing credibility and confidence from potential clients. If you have a number of lawyers on your team, it’d be a good idea to list their individual profiles, so that visitors can get to know them and see which one of those lawyers might be helpful with their particular case.

You should include an online booking form, so that visitors to your site can schedule a consultation easily, without having to get involved with back-and-forth emails. As with every website, a lawyer website should also include a call to action page or form, so that a potential client’s email address can be obtained for future contacts.

Some excellent law firm website for design inspiration

There are some lawyer websites on the Internet that have incorporated really excellent design principles, and which are presumably highly effective in representing the specific firms featured on those sites. Here are a few of our favorites, and why each one of them made this list of favorites.

Dowley Law – One of the best aspects of this website is the fact that the viewer is instantly greeted by a number of happy, smiling faces, and this instantly disarms the viewer and inclines them to read on. Then there’s a very clear display about the areas of practice the firm specializes in, and there’s a wonderful page of information about the firm’s founder, and the values she holds most dear. There’s even an online resource page that can be used by viewers to answer some of their most common questions about legal processes.


 Law Firm Website Design Inspiration


The Jacobs Law, LLC – The Homepage identifies the staff members for this legal group, and there are nice photos and writeups about the firm’s physical location in downtown Boston. Then there are some impressive testimonials from obviously satisfied customers, and a contact form – all on that first page of the website. There’s also a listing of the areas of practice the firm is involved with, although you have to pick this out from some text. Suffice to say, the design includes a great deal of information without being crowded or confined. 


Law Firm Website Design Inspiration


Bicklaw LLP – The first thing that meets the eye on this page is a series of impressive animals along with captions that make use of clever puns associated with each of the animals, as well as the legal game.  Along the top side menu bar, it’s easy to locate who we are, what we do, who we represent, and our team, and this represents most of the questions that any visitor to the site might have. It’s well organized and does a good job of providing important information in an easily accessible format.


Law Firm Website Design Inspiration


Tremain Artaza, PLLP – Half of the Home Page is dominated by an expression of the core values of this legal firm, and that represents quite a commitment, all by itself. A number of the firm’s endorsements and accreditations are also featured here, so as to inspire trust and confidence, and at the bottom of the page, you can link to the consultation form to get the ball rolling. 


Law Firm Website Design Inspiration


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