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The matters of real estate are complex, which needs legal help. People usually hire real estate lawyer or attorney for legal documentation and other legal matters related to real estate issues. In this digital era, people heavily rely on online searches to find the right legal advice and reputed real estate law firms.

Therefore, your law practice must have an influential online presence that shows your authority. Traditional marketing methods won’t help you much in this respect because those methods have limited reach. In contrast, targeted real estate law SEO makes your law firm visible to a precisely targeted audience. We help you redefine your marketing strategy and switch to law SEO marketing

At PageAppeal, we do this for you through our powerful real estate law SEO services. With our intensive experience and latest SEO knowledge, we create a robust SEO strategy for your law practice that efficiently grows your online presence. We attract new legal clients through your office doors, which grows your law practice leaps and bounds.

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Why You Need Real Estate Law SEO Services?

As a practicing real estate lawyer or law firm, you are a specialist in handling the legal matters related to real estate. Whether your clients need assistance with daily real estate transactions or family property disputes, they look for the help of real estate law firm or lawyer for legal assistance.

The majority of your potential clients conduct an online search in the first place to find the right real estate law attorney or lawyer. So when the potential clients search online, are they viewing your law practice in online searches?  Are they able to see your real estate law services in the first page rankings? Do you provide them with informative content that develops your authority and their trust in your real estate law practice?

Your law practice website is the face of your physical real estate practice for your potential clients. It is the first point of contact between you and your prospective online clients. You have to pay attention to this powerful marketing tool to market your law practice and stay competitive; otherwise, you are likely to lose a considerable percentage of potential target clients.

When you hire PageAppeal, we develop a robust SEO marketing strategy for your real estate legal practice that focuses on your target clients and business goals. Our knowledgeable and experienced SEO experts maximize the marketing potential of your website while using the best real estate law SEO strategies to drive prospective clients through your office doors.

Ignite the Growth of Your Real Estate Law Practice With Page Appeal

In the USA alone, more than 222,900 searches occur every year on Google for estate law firms or law practices. Moreover, 15.5% of people use Google search to find the right legal help. Our real estate law SEO service boosts your online presence and enables your legal practice found in top Google searches, quickly.

As a result and client-focused marketing agency, PageAppeal adopts a strategic approach to the SEO which significantly grows the search engine rankings of your real estate law website.  With the use of targeted keywords, we target the exact audience.

Besides, we focus on conversion rate optimization, which not only drives traffic to your website but also convert them into leads. Our SEO experts, with years of experience in the legal SEO field, ignite the growth of your real estate practice.

Best Real Estate Law SEO Agency That Deliver Real-Time Results

PageAppeal is one of the most trusted and best real estate law SEO agencies in the business. We have helped hundreds of real estate lawyers, law practices, and attorneys to achieve their marketing and business objectives, efficiently. Our SEO experts understand the estate law, just like the lawyers with an added benefit of expertise in SEO marketing. This unbeatable combination enables us to develop SEO campaigns that are sure to deliver real-time results for your estate law practice or firm. 

With the use of our up-to-date knowledge, advanced SEO techniques, and best practices fit for your practice, we give you excellent SEO marketing results. From performing keyword research to creating engaging educational content and everything in between, we provide you with the best real estate SEO services. Through our services, we ensure to make your website rank highest among search engine rankings, attract potential clients, and boost the conversion rate and leads to deliver exceptional results.

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Most Commonly Asked Lawyer SEO Questions

Does my law firm need local SEO?

Do you want more cases? More qualified leads? More revenue? If you answered yes to any of those questions then you need local SEO specific to your type of law. Schedule a strategy session to see how PageAppeal helps lawyers that are serious about growing their firm.

Will SEO help clients find me locally?

Yes! Gone are the days of calling 411 or searching the Yellow Pages for local lawyers. More than likely if someone is looking for a lawyer they're going to their phones to search. If you don't show up in the (SERP) search engine results page then your firm is missing out on potential clients. All of our lawyer websites are mobile friendly, responsive and sync with Google. We'll keep your practice one step ahead of the competition and make sure your firm is noticed in the local search results page.

What does lawyer SEO cost?

We're not going to beat around the bush. SEO for lawyers is expensive, well at least the kind that's done right and gets you results. Currently our pricing is determined by the size of your market, the smaller the market the cheaper it gets. Lawyer SEO cost anywhere from $750/month to over $5,000/month. Even though we have month to month contracts, if you're thinking about just trying us out for a one or two months, it's not going to work. We work best with lawyers who are serious about growing their firm and will work with us for at least six months. After that we're confident you'll stay!

How long will it take to rank my law firm on Google?

Once you've signed up for the PageAppeal marketing platform we're going to run a SEO audit on your website. From their we can determine the low hanging fruit and also the super competitive keywords you wish to rank for. Typically clients start to see results within 5 to 7 months. If you've been in business for a while and have had a website up for a few years you will see results sooner than someone who is just starting out. 

Do you include reporting on the keywords my site ranks for?

Yes! In addition to monthly reporting we provide login access to your own lawyer marketing dashboard. Your lawyer marketing dashboard will include key metrics such as site analytics, social media engagement, SEO keyword reporting and much more. If you're interested in learning more or seeing a live demo of how these marketing dashboards work, please click the schedule a strategy session button below.

Why do we have to pay a monthly fee?

Rankings aren't given, they are earned. SEO is an ongoing process and we have over 100 tasks that we complete each month for our clients. Some of the most important tasks being on-page edits, blogging and social media postings. Google is happy when it sees websites that are updating their websites with original content and once you stop updating your website Google gets sad. You don't want Google to be sad do you? Think about it this way, once we get you ranked on page 1 of Google for certain keywords another lawyer is getting knocked off. You can bet your last dollar they're going to do whatever it takes to get back on page 1 and knock you off. Our ongoing monthly tasks will make sure that isn't you!

What guarantees do you offer?

We thought the only guarantees in life were death and taxes. Seriously though we can't offer a guarantee on results or rankings just because the Google ranking algorithm is always changing. We don't know what the Google algorithm is anyone who tells you otherwise is lying right to your face. However we can promise to always do what has worked for our clients in the past as well as what we believe to work in the future.

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